Re-collecting My School Days Memoirs 2

Am taking it from where I stopped, let me dig a bit into how I met some of my friends. Let me start with this guy called Ayodeji Obaseye Gerald: I met him the day I came to get my registration number at the department. i was standing adjacent the department, I was lost and at the same time blank. Someone came over to me, I was startled at first, he came smiling that I can see his teeth, he introduced himself to me, he said’ hi my name is ayo, sociology dept, 100L,..I quickly put myself together, I replied, am Nasir, 100L too,…From that point, I really don’t know what we discussed, all are gone now, but all I could remember was we exchanged phone numbers, Lols.

Then, Abdul came into the picture, we both clicked at once. We made up The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. We virtually does everything in common, all things that a Jambito does. We attend lectures together , sat on the same bench Etc… Ayo was full of jokes, Abdul laughs loud, whenever Ayo makes up a joke in the class we both laughs,. Am that kind of person who doesn’t like been noticed. I feel most comfortable in the midst of people I know are my own, am quite sure even now some people don’t know me cos I don’t mingle. Am sorry for that, that’s just my kind of person.

One funny thing about Ayo is that he likes cooking, me and abdul, we see him as our second mother, cos we never get hungry when his around. At the back of our mind,we knew we have that special mama in the hostel. Ayo, sorry I don’t mean to expose this…Lol.
To be continue…..


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