Nigeria: Two Sides Of The Same Coin.

The Army are now saying they won’t protect us if the election is not postponed. That’s Nigeria for u! …it’s only God that knows what has led to this latest development. I’m not surprised thou, because its only in Nigeria that you see things like this happening. I don’t know why they wanted this election postponed. The date has long been fixed, Nigerians had been anticipating for this election to hold come February 14th. I woke up this morning to hear that the Army are now in support of the postponement of the election, that they will not protect us. When I heard this I was so dismayed. Why would they bring up issues like this?. I felt so cold that I had to go back to sleep, because I thought I was dreaming, unfortunately for me, I wasn’t dreaming, its a fact I have to face.
May God Help Us All .


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