Nigeria: A shattered dream

“Nigeria a home of our fore-fathers. A land of great visionaries. Land of men who nursed the giant vision of turning it into a prosperous nation to all God’s own children”. This is the dream we all had for this great country called- Nigeria.

This dream had been shattered by the advent of Military rule, which has brought about a disrupt in the march of progress, thereby sowing a seed of discord, mutual distrust and antagonism. They came and put a knife to the thread that once held us as one entity.

Democracy has tried in solving this distrust and the struggle for power by all sections of the country, all sections want their own share of the “national cake”. Funny enough, nobody cares about baking the cake. For me, I don’t even know how the so called “national cake” looks like, is it like the ones have seen at weddings? Nobody knows!.

If we truly love our country, permit me to say this publicly. I love Nigeria like say tomorrow no dey(laugh).If we love Nigeria we would not promote diversity of interests, ethnicity and religious sentiments. The problem we are facing today was caused by the so-called elites who are consumed in the greed for power and material interest.

We have seen leaders, who preached on one thing and yet engaged in the exact opposite of what they preached. So we have politicians who dey preach now (laugh). We have leaders who have no iota of love for this country and yet they what us to be patrotic. Is this possible?. Let them lead by example jare……


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